Open Your Hearts fundraiser

On Valentine’s Day my husband and I had the privilege of attending the Open Your Hearts Gala Dinner. The event was organised by the Open Your Hearts committee to raise funds to support the family of Corrina, a young woman who passed away shortly after giving birth to her twin girls in May 2011.

Please take the time to read more about Corrina’s story.

I offered to donate some goodies for the event, which ended up being over 400 gingerbread cookies and a cake voucher which was auctioned on the night.

Here are some photos of what 400 cookies looks like!

Table 1

Table 2

Let me tell you, it takes a lot of planning, preparation and time to bake, ice, decorate, bag and tie ribbons and thankyou notes to 400 cookies! (Add to the mix 6 month old twins!!)

Thankfully my lovely Mum came over to help me with the bagging and tying thankyou notes to each cookie. This alone took both of us over 5 hours!!

A bit more about the event:

The dinner was held at The Hyatt Hotel, Canberra and was attended by over 400 people! The original number of tickets on sale was 340, however further tickets were soon released due to such high demand. The event was officially sold out at 400 as the venue could not physically cater for more. What an amazing show of support from the Canberra, Yass and surrounding communities!

Amber Lawrence performed at the event, and I was quite humbled that she took the time to email me after the event to let me know how much she enjoyed my cookies!

The event was an amazing tribute to Corrina, her partner and children. I thought it was just amazing how generous people were to attend, donate and support the cause, many of whom hadn’t even known or met Corrina or her family.

Those who attended the event could see the amount of work that went into making the night so special. A huge credit to Shelley Kowalski, Kowalski recruitment and the Open Your Hearts committee.

The Heart Foundation was the charity partner for the dinner and there was a strong message given on the night to encourage women to ensure they know the risks of heart disease and how to lower these risks. I urge you all to visit the Heart Foundation website to read more about heart disease and how to minimise risk factors. Did you know that heart disease kills more women in Australia than any other disease???

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